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Love it? – Tag it & Share it!

Have you ever watched an ad with LeBron James driving a Kia? and be like – he doesn’t actually drive a Kia in real life. TagOn is a new app to help everyday people without a million followers to share and tag the products you actually love and use. When your tags get clicked on, you earn rewards. You can also click on other people’s tags when you find things you love.

+$10 Billion USD

Made by influencers in 2021

+65% Increased Spending

Companies are budgeting even more influencer ad spend

+50% Marketing Budget

17% of businesses spend more than half on influencers

+1 Billion Users

Instagram features millions of sponsored content posts

How this app is working?

How Does TagOn Work?


Sign Up

Download TagOn and sign in.


Snap and Tag It

Tag products on your social media, just like you would tag a friend.


Collect Rewards

Get points, swag, free merch, cash cards, and valuable TagOn. Cryptocurrency when people click your tags!


Our Path

TagOn is brand new – which means you’re getting in at the ground level! That means that when we do get rewards (which is not quite yet, but we’re almost there) – you’re first in line!
Here’s the deal: we all start tagging now and show the businesses what we can do, then they get on board and start offering bigger and better rewards for you. Plus, we have our own crypto and NFTs in the works that we’re going to be rewarding everyone with.
Tagging is really easy! We have a lot of user support and brands interested in our new model. Help us take back advertising and find legit tags from people you know, then show off items you love and tag it. Items can be anything like clothing, shoes, a delicious dish at a restaurant, hotel rooms with amazing views, and services such as a hair style from your favorite stylist. There are no limits to things you can tag – just snap and tag it!


Beta Launch

Get in early and help us grow while you secure your spot as an influencer.

App Live

We will become official and radically change what you can find and tag on social media.

September 2022

November 2022

Onboard More Brands

As more brands see the value in our movement, they will add more rewards for you.

TagOn Crypto/NFTs Beta Launch

TagOn start testing Crypto and NFTs reward system on blockchain.

1st Quarter 2023

3rd Quarter 2023

TagOn Crypto/NFTs Go Live

Influencers will earn valuable TagOn Crypto and NFTs, once the token is available on the blockchain.

App Download

TagOn Adds More To Your Social Media

Now you can finally make your voice be heard in a crowded world. Share products or services you use with people you know. Find out what products or services your friends and family are using so you can get it for yourself, or discover the perfect gift or favorite food on a restaurant menu. The app integrates seamlessly with Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, or even Text Messaging!

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It’s easy to tag shoes, coats, suits, handbags, purses, sunglasses, watches, and all kinds of items you’re already using.

Get In Early – Get Better Rewards!

Want to be an influencer, but you don’t have tons of followers?

Get in early and sign up with TagOn to start tagging brands you love. TagOn allow brands to discover you so you can start earning rewards instantly and become an influencer for the brand.

TagOn is partnering with worldwide brands. The beta launch helps us discover the brands you love and connects with your favorite brands to onboard them early, so you can start earning rewards faster!

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    Frequently asked Question


    You. No bots, spam, celebrities, or lucky genetics needed to become an influencer. We want real people to showcase the stuff they love. We accept all races, religions, genders, and economic status. If you’re legit looking to share your honest opinions with your friends, then you’re perfect for TagOn.
    Nope. TagOn is always free to use.
    Nope. TagOn will reward you with some nice gear that makes your life better, like points you can redeem from companies you love, free merchandise, and gift cards. The whole point of our platform is to give you a voice and let you find products people are actually using and tagging, so if you got paid a ton of money, it would kind of defeat that purpose.
    We’re still growing, so the more you use TagOn, the more companies will see its value and get you better stuff when your tags get clicked. If you get in early (like right now!), you will be better positioned to get the best stuff.