Get more traffic, subscribers & customers from the links you share

  • Add call-to-actions
  • Insert retargeting pixels
  • Use your own optin form &  chat widget on  any URLs you want to share

What is TagOn?

TagOn is a URL shortener that allows you to retarget
and interact with your audience even after they click on the links that you shared.

Create shortened links with your custom domains

Build custom audiences by add​ing retargeting pixels or any tracking scripts

Add your own call-to-action to drive traffic to your ​website

Use your own popup optin form to get email subscribers right from the link you share

Add your own chat widget to engage with people who view your links

Add ANY custom scripts to any URL

How it works?

Find some awesome content and copy the link to shorten it

Grab the URL of the web page that you want to share with your audience. 

It can be a blog post, a video, a document or ANYTHING
 that has a URL.

 You don't need to be 
associated with that website at all.

Shorten with TagOn

Use TagOn to interact with your audience on any links you share by adding call-to-actions, banners, optin forms or ANY custom scripts that you have.

You can also add your retargeting pixels or any types of tracking codes to the destination URLs.

Share with your audience
Anyone who visits your link will see your call-to-action, optin form, 
chat widget or any of your custom marketing scripts.
Just like when they visit your own website.

The ONLY tool in the world that allows you to
add any scripts of any marketing tools to your links with TagOn

You don't need to worry about integrations because TagOn works with your tool

Email Optin/Lead Generation Tools

OptinMonster, Sumo, Optimonk, Woohoo...

Chat Widgets

Intercom, Manychat, Drift, Convertfox...

Video Embed

Youtube, Vimeo, Vooplayer, Wistia...


Brandquiz, Outgrow, SurveyMonkey...

Anything else

Any other scripts that you normally use on your website

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Leverage other websites' content and authority

To get more traffic, grow your audience and acquire more customers