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Harness the incredibly effective power of influencer marketing – the most effective form of marketing right now. TagOn offers a hybrid model of word-of-mouth and affiliate marketing, where everyday people can become influencers to tag your product and share with their friends and family. Now they can finally offer direct links to your products and services straight from their photos and videos, without you having to vet them and pay up front. You only pay in the form of rewards when your tags get clicked.

+$1 Trillion USD

Influencers boosted sales in 2021

+26% Growth

Influencer marketing increased in 2021

+50% Marketing Budget

17% of businesses spend more than half on influencers

+1 Billion Users

Instagram features millions of sponsored content posts

How this app is working?

How Does TagOn Work?


Sign Up

Create a TagOn business account.


Add Your Products and Services

Add your products and services for influencers to tag on social media.


Collect Data & Sales

Get valuable data on your market sector, plus direct sales from tags that link to your product.


Our Path To Success

TagOn is taking off! We have an increasingly large user-base who want to tag your products and services, then share them with friends and family. It’s the authenticity of word-of-mouth marketing combined with the metrics and verified sales of affiliate marketing.
Here’s what you can expect from us in the near future, as well as where your business fits in.

June 2022

Beta Testing

Get in early and help us grow while you secure your spot as an supporter.


We will become official and radically change how you spend your influencer marketing budget.

August 2022

4th Quarter 2022

Find Your Audience

Add rewards for your taggers. As more influencers see the value in our movement, they will increasingly tag your brand with clickable links to buy.

Launch Promos

Offer discounts and promos on TagOn, plus let your loyal influencers tag your products and services to generate sales.

4th Quarter 2022

Business Sign up

TagOn Empowers Your Social Media Influencers

Now you can spend a lot less on influencer marketing by only paying for tags that generate sales. You pay out rewards such as discounts, or products, and services when influencers build up enough points from tagging your brand, or get verified sales through affiliate links. Instead of paying one influencer up front for questionable results, you can pay as you see results increasing across a much more broad swathe of your audience.

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It’s easy to get valuable data on your market, increase your sales, and even run promos and special events!

Get In Early – Get Better Insights!

Want to harness incredibly effective social media influencer marketing, but you don’t want to pay for uncertain results?

Get in early and sign up with TagOn to start offering rewards for people who love your products and services. They do the hard work and tag your brand, sharing with friends and family. This leads to more authentic engagement, enhanced brand loyalty, and increased sales from direct links.

TagOn is rapidly expanding its user base, and with your help we can reach even more people by offering better rewards. The beta launch will help us discover the people who love your brand and want to connect with you.

The more you offer your audience, the more you can build your brand loyalty, brand awareness, and get meaningful data with key insights into your target audience’s behavior.

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    Frequently asked Question


    Nope. TagOn features a rewards system, so you will end up offering discounts, promos, and free product to your audience once they build up enough points by tagging your brand and having those tags get seen. You only “pay” for tags that produce results – and even then, it’s less ad spend and more a rewards-based system.
    Yes! People love discounts and promos. Contact our team to find out more details so we can feature your offer.
    As influencers tag your brand, we collect data points on the information they’ve freely given us about themselves. When you partner with TagOn, you can access all of this valuable data to find out more about who loves your products and services. You can also use TagOn for A/B testing, experimental new products, and all types of clever marketing that will help you make more informed decisions around new product release.
    Yes, but if influencers see that you’re not offering anything in return for their hard work in spreading your message and brand awareness, they may go from loyal fans and brand ambassadors to feeling left out – which is the opposite of what you want. Joining TagOn is easy and cost effective, plus best of all, it rewards the many micro-influencers who legitimately want to interact with your brand, and offers your brand incredible exposure and insight for bargain prices.